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man more people need to join the fucking bedroom fandom


i mean look at this shit. 


it’s bunk beds and a little desk. 


a motherfucking aquarium!


shit it’s like noah’s ark in the fucking ceiling


look how modern this shit is


it’s like three rooms in one


you could get a boat and sing fucking phantom of the opera and then just climb in bed.


I will man this damn fandom by myself if I have too

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When I was younger, my cousin would give me piggyback rides and pretend to be a lion, even though he was eleven years older. When I became a feminist, our dynamic didn’t change. I became more aware of his sexist jokes and shook my head at them, but at the end of the day he was still coming at me with a stuffed snake and a bottle of spray deodorant.

A few years ago, I found my dad impossibly obnoxious. Then I became a feminist, and I realized one time at dinner that he was the lesser of two evils. While I tried explaining my views, my mom was saying, “Feminism is stupid.” My dad was quiet. It was then that I realized that sexism is not necessarily a thing for fathers, but for patriarchy.

Common misconception: feminists hate men. Feminists are all lesbians. Is that why I see my boyfriend as home? Does that explain why heaven is the feeling when he lays into me and I wish we could both vanish? How convenient for antifeminists to say that feminists hate men. But the truth is this: we want equal rights, not death to men. Antifeminism: the fear that women will come to treat you the way you have treated women for millennia.

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I just sit here sometimes like


sexism is still a thing

the fact that sexism was ever a thing

it just

it’s beyond me

a woman pushes you out of her fucking BODY

and you grow up to be like ‘ahahaha women r stupid and weak’

i don’t get how that happens

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So I asked some of my Russian uni student friends what they thought of the whole Olympics lgbt rights controversy and they hadn’t even heard of it, and were quite surprised when I I showed them links to articles about it. Interesting..?